Mutukaroa is the name of our school and community learning partnership. Mutukaroa is about working with parents and whanau to understand how your child is progressing in their learning over the first three years at school. It is also about supporting parents to help their children in their learning at home.

Making the most of this opportunity

As a parent you want to know how your child is doing in their learning. Mutukaroa allows you as a parent to know exactly how your child is doing at every stage of their learning.

Mutukaroa is about:

  • Having in-depth knowledge of how your child is doing in their assessments and learning from Years 1-3 by having regular meetings with the Mutukaroa Co-coordinator.
  • Sharing specific information about your child so you can feel well informed and confident in what they are doing in school.
  • Accessibility – Parents can choose where to have meetings, when and what time of day.
  • Providing support with translators if required.
  • Using parent friendly language.
Regular learning conversations that equip parents to:
  • understand data about their child’s achievement
  • ask questions
  • select next steps for learning at home
  • choose and take home learning resources to support learning at home

How Mutukaroa can help you as a Parent

Mutukaroa supports learning-focused relationships with parents. 
It can help you to:
  • have more equal learning-focused conversations with teachers, both formal (e.g. student-led conferences) and informal (e.g. discussions before and after school).
  • enjoy learning conversations with your child as you learn more about the way they are learning in school.
  • access relevant information about how your child is progressing in their learning and in class.
  • learn more about your child’s achievements and learning needs.
  • find out some of the ways you can support your child to meet his or her learning needs at home.
  • access resources used in school to support your child in their learning at home.
  • have a School coordinator to talk to at any time during your child’s schooling if you have any queries about your child’s learning.
If you wish to find out anything more about mutukaroa please contact the office or the coordinator. 
Ph: 818 5219 ext. 110

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