How to help at home

At Prospect school, we base our learning in reading and writing around the Literacy Learning progressions that we have developed.  These Progressions are based on Ministry of Education guidelines, assessment tools, and the New Zealand Curriculum. The language on the progressions is the language that we use with the children to set goals and work out what they will be learning. On the right you will find links to interactive games, websites and activities that you can play at home with your children.  These games will support their learning at School.

Student Work

The Room
The room is dark and silent no noise to hear, except the cold wind swirling by outside. It smells like a cake was just recently cooked as hours passed by in the blue blue sky. Covered in dust with some dust webs falling from the roof as I cough out loud.
This room is not a room my family always uses. I come here when something doesn’t feel right or if I don’t feel like myself. Looking out the window of this room I see a big fence surrounding the house also a creek streaming past the left-hand side of the fence. I hear little cracks on the roof as if there was a person walking above me.
Beautiful patterns cover the left and right walls and ahead lies a bright door which stays locked, there is a cupboard to my left hand side also. This was also my mum’s favourite room. A curtain covers the middle of the room in a fancy way. This room is dark and not a place to play. My Papas cool car is parked on the other side of the curtain and runs very quietly.
– By Jackson, Room 7.

The Eagle
The eagle is gliding like an aeroplane. He flies across the sea. His eyes spot a fish. He dives down like lightning. He opens his sharp claws and snatches the fish out of the deep sea. Then he spreads his wings and flies up like a rocket ship boosting high in the bright blue sky. His yellow sharp beak stabs like a sharp knife. Then he flies up in the lonely mountains. He has powerful wings to fly up high. They have good eye sight to see their prey down below.
– By Ben, Room 5.
Wind Storm
It’s howling, it’s raging and bustling through leaves, while I sit and hear the soft patter of the breeze. It’s STORMING, it’s barging with a heavy, deep bit of rain, while I sit and listen to the water go down the drain. Then the breeze blows COLD as if I was bold. The leaves MARCH through the wind as it lands softly in the grass, while they sway to pass.

– By Genesis, Room 1.