Home Learning

This is an exciting area of learning we are inviting you to take part in. This home learning is based on our school’s focus values, cultural competencies and learning inquiries and is designed to help teach you to be responsible for your own learning. It gives you opportunities to try new things as well as be acknowledged for the time and commitment you might already give to a club or sport you might attend both within or outside the school. 

While you are still expected to read each night for enjoyment or research, to learn any spelling words given to you by your teacher and to work on any learning goals (such as maths basic facts), this sheet will take the place of traditional weekly homework sheets. 

The home learning challenge needs to be completed carefully. It will probably take you all year to complete your set number of challenges. As you finish each challenge you need to get it signed off by someone in your family and present it to your class or teacher. You will need to provide evidence of your home learning and be able to talk about it.

  • Over the year students must complete a minimum of SEVEN CHALLENGES at Level 1 or TEN CHALLENGES at Level 2 (they can do more if they wish) 
  • Students must complete at least ONE challenge from each section 
  • Students must complete a task card for each challenge It is up to the students to meet with their teacher and show that they have completed each challenge after they have had it signed off by their family 
  • Students must have some evidence to prove they have completed each challenge, e.g. photos, blog, written report, etc.
  • It is quality not quantity that counts so students should take their time to do each challenge with excellence 
  • If students complete 2 learning challenges (for Level 1) or 3 learning challenges (for Level 2) within each 10 week inquiry time they will get a certificate recognising that they are on track to complete their home learning for the year.