Our discipline rests on the encouragement of respect and care for the feelings of other people and property. School values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and kindness are also emphasised. It is vital the students feel good about school and want to be there. 
We try to set high standards of courtesy. We make the kind of behaviour we expect very clear and discuss it with students. Continual disruptive behaviour will be discussed with parents. 

Levels Plan of Discipline

The students who break the rules will face consequences. The following are intended to show increasing levels of discipline: 

  1. Level One: Apologise; discuss the rule; make reparation where possible. 
  2. Level Two: A letter is sent to caregivers explaining the situation and child in consequence room for 3 x 30 minute sessions. 
  3. Level Three: The child’s name will be brought forward for consideration of the social modification programme operating at lunchtimes. 
  4. Level Four: The Principal, Associate Principals will invite the caregivers to come to school to discuss a combined approach to overcoming the problem. 
Teachers monitor students who are on each level and give guidance and encouragement. Parents of students who commit serious breaches of good behaviour or vandalise school equipment and buildings, will be asked to attend school and discuss the situation. 

Other Important School Rules Are:

1. Students are not to leave the school grounds unless directed by parents or staff. 
2. No sweets or gum. (Sometimes teachers may offer sweets for special rewards). 
3. Valuables, expensive toys, jewellery are best left at home. 
4. Students must respect others’ rights and culture. 
5. Cell phones are to be handed to the office before school and collected at the end of the day.