Challenge and Choice

Our Challenge and Choice rotations meet several of our strategic plan goals; enhancing Pasifika and Maori achievement and culture, engaging with the community by bringing in whanau to assist with activities, and encouraging student voice as the students have a choice over which activity they learn. We develop leadership in the students as they get the chance to succeed in a different learning area where they may not necessarily have succeeded in the classroom. It also gives an opportunity for students with talents and interests to develop their skills even further.  Our activities are building capacity among the staff as many staff are learning alongside the students, and the activities are all offered for Years 0-6 as they reflect our belief in the tuakana/teina relationship. These activities are run during school time because at Prospect we value the range of learning we are providing and believe in the things we are trying to achieve.

Kapa Haka

We are learning waiata, haka, and some very complex moves!


We are learning songs and dances from all around the Pacific!


We are learning rhythms and beats!


We are learning to make beautiful art works