If a child arrives at school after 9:15am they must report to the office to sign in and get a late slip which needs to be given to the classroom teacher.
If your child is going to be away from school for any reason you can contact the school in a number of ways. 
You can:
  1. Call the school telephone on 818 5219
  2. Inform the class teacher or the office, in person.
  3. Signed letter given to the teacher by a sibling
  4. Email the school at admin@prospect.school.nz
  5. Text us on 027 941 0668
Remember if you are leaving a message please leave the child’s name, Room number, and reason why they are away (e.g. sickness, funeral).
Also, you need to inform us every day your child is absent, unless you know that they will be away for a set number of days (e.g. for a tangi or the number of days a doctor has said they should be away from school).
If you do not contact us we will do our best to get in touch with you to find out why your child is not at school, so please make sure that you keep the office updated with any new contact details.
If we are not informed of why your child is absent, and we cannot get in contact with you, they will be marked as Truant.
We are obliged to refer unacceptable levels of unexplained absences (Truancy) to outside agencies and this can lead to prosecution in the courts.